Keeping it Inn the Family, Beaumont Inn Growing Under Fifth Generation

Beaumont Inn

Dixon Deadman

The hospitality industry has been in the DNA of the Dedman family for five generations, as innkeepers of Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg, Ky. With 31 guest rooms, three restaurants and a spa on the property, the Dedmans’ business model is that of a full-service country inn and tourist destination. In keeping with that model, Beaumont Inn partnered with the increasingly popular Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 2012.

“We’re a perfect destination for people who come to do the Bourbon Trail,” said current innkeeper Dixon Dedman. “We are equidistant from all the major distilleries.”

Beaumont Inn has 85 bourbons on the menu and is in the process of releasing its own label, Kentucky Owl, which should be available by early next year. When the city of Harrodsburg went moist in 2003 (alcohol sales permitted with 100 seats and at least 70 percent of revenue derived from food sales), the Dedmans used the limestone foundation of a former carriage house on the property to build Old Owl Tavern, a 90-seat casual restaurant and bar.

“That became a real big draw for the locals,” Dedman said.

Demand for a casual restaurant with a bar was so great, in fact, Beaumont Inn added the Owl’s Nest Pub near the inn’s main restaurant in 2009. Local industries in Harrodsburg were expanding even through the economic downturn, so between corporate travelers and the popularity of “staycation” getaways for people in neighboring cities and states, Beaumont Inn weathered the storm and is in a good position to continue growing.

“You don’t stay in business for 100 years without being able to adapt and fight through those tough times,” Dedman said. “You make changes and hunker down when you need to.”

Employing about 60 people during its high season in the summer, Beaumont Inn also stays booked during the spring and fall meets of Keeneland. Thanksgiving is the inn’s biggest day of the year.

Beaumont Inn’s main building houses guestrooms, a gift shop and a fine-dining restaurant. It was built around 1845.

“We still operate within the original footprint of the main building,” Dedman said. In the 1930s, three other buildings for lodging were added to the grounds: Greystone Hall, Goddard Hall and Bell Cottage.

“There are not very many properties nationwide, still family-owned and operated, that are our size and offer as much as we offer,” Dedman said.

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