Food Trucks Find a Permanent Place to Park

Lexington, KY – Made popular on the streets of Lexington as mobile food merchants, a number of Lexington vendors have found a permanent place to park their trucks and sell their food.

La Petite Creperie first showed up at the downtown Lexington Farmers’ Market in 2010 and at special events. From under a tent, the “crepe ladies” serve simple, traditional crepes. They’re either sweet, like with banana, chocolate or cinnamon, or stuffed full of ham, eggs, cheese or vegetables.

Food Trucks

Shannon Arnold (left) and Linda Chambers opened a La Petite Creperie restaurant after the success of their mobile food endeavor.

“It’s unbelievable. We just have long lines all the time,” said Shannon Arnold, who operates the mobile business.

In late June, Arnold and business partner Linda Chambers opened a La Petite Creperie restaurant on Kentucky Avenue across from Woodland Park, in what was most recently Six Friends Cafe. Arnold and Chambers taught French at The Lexington School or Sayre and spent time in Paris.

“In France, I ate a lot of (crepes) because they’re ‘student, budget friendly.’ You could get a pretty nice meal fast for a few bucks,” Arnold said. “They’d cook right in front of you and you’d walk away with them. Easy, quick and cheap.”

“I’m French and came here 10 years ago with a family restaurant background,” added Chambers, who admits to needing time to get comfortable with American food and culture before opening a restaurant.

“I wanted to introduce the French casual experience to Lexington. French food is often thought of as sophisticated, expensive and slow, but there’s also a French culture of casual eating. I drove around Lexington for years to find a patio that reminded me of patios in France. We found this house, bought it and turned it into a restaurant,” Chambers said.

The crepe ladies plan to continue the mobile portion of their business.

Another outdoor cook who’s coming indoors is Ilias Pappas, who’s operated the Athenian Grill food truck at various sites since last fall. His restaurant is scheduled to open in late August in the former location of Belle’s Bakery on South Ashland Avenue.

“Operating a food truck business out of a tent has menu limitation. We’re constantly getting requests for dishes that aren’t possible on a food truck,” explained Pappas, who said he hadn’t been looking for a restaurant site but saw the vacancy at Belle’s, thought it could work, and struck a deal that night.

Pappas, a native of Greece, could have taken the property as is, slapped some paint on it and opened, or gut it and make it his own. He chose the latter. He’ll offer a few tables for eating in, encourage takeout orders and try to enhance his catering business.

His most popular dishes: the lamb gyros and the spanakopita, a spinach pie.

“With the quality of food, the uniqueness of our menu, the desserts and a market we’ll have on the second floor, we’ll attract people. They’ll find us,” he said.

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