Out to Boost Enrollment, EKU Adds Trolley Tour

Richmond, KY – The Eastern Kentucky University Admissions office has added a trolley to the university’s admissions tour, breaking down the four-lane barrier of the bypass to show prospective students all the campus offers.

Eastern has been using the 23-seat trolley since February to show students more than the traditional walking tour can offer. Prior to adding the trolley, admissions didn’t give prospective students a tour of anything outside of the inner loop of central campus near the Powell, Combs and Keen Johnson buildings, said Brett Morris admissions director.

The trolley comes at a time when enrollment continues to grow at other state institutions while Eastern’s student population has fallen by a little less than 1 percent. Morris said the university is the only institution he knows of that is using a trolley to showcase campus facilities.

Tours take about two hours to complete and happen twice daily at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., with no afternoon tour on Fridays. Each tour will continue to include the walking portion of the tour on central campus. Up to 46 people can take a tour at once, but the groups are split in two and one group walks while the other group takes the trolley.

Students and their families had to take a shuttle or drive to visit other areas of campus such as Fitness and Wellness Center, the Justice and Safety building, Business and Technology Center, and the Center for the Arts said Candice Graves, a biology sophomore who also works as Colonel Captain and is responsible for giving tours to new students.

“A lot of students come here for the Justice and Safety [and other programs across the bypass],” Graves said. “Before the trolley, we couldn’t go over there. We can show what happens visually without them not seeing it.”

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