Lexington Center rolls out new sites with major ticket giveaway

Lexington, Ky – Well, that’ll get your attention. It’s one thing when a major facility in your town rolls out a package of new websites, quite another when it promotes them by giving away a year’s worth of tickets to every event scheduled in its trio of venues: Rupp Arena  (yes, that includes UK men’s basketball), The Lexington Opera House  and the Lexington Convention Center.


To call attention to the new sites and the venues they represent, the Lexington Center announced Find Your Seat, a promotional ticket giveaway running through March 22, 2013. The grand prize for the promotion is two tickets to every public ticketed event (including basketball) at each of the Lexington Center venues – Rupp Arena, Lexington Opera House and Lexington Convention Center – for one calendar year starting April 1, 2013 through April 1, 2014.

There are two ways to enter:  visit the Lexington Center and find one of the three seat platforms located in high-traffic locations within the facility.  Bring along a friend to take your photo seated in one of the seats, send in the photo via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #FindYourSeat.  The photo will be uploaded to the websites and they will automatically be entered to win.

A second way to enter is to visit any one of the three new websites and locate the seat icon hidden within the pages of each – think “Where’s Waldo.” Once located, you can click on the icon, which will link to an entry form.

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