Book Review: Gladwell Box Set

The first time I spoke with Malcolm Gladwell, I was struck by his relaxed, familiar style. His tone suggested we were old friends sharing a discussion on a serious topic of interest to us both. Even over the phone, the author was decidedly talkative and friendly, asking a half-dozen questions and intently responding to my answers.

Reading any of Gladwell’s multiple bestsellers, you get a similar impression: approachable and welcoming, while at the same time, brilliant and questioning. As one of the most original writers in America today, Gladwell has provided us novel and extraordinary insights into any number of topics. He has also contributed concepts to our everyday vocabulary, with “tipping point” and “outliers,” among others.

Gladwell now offers another opportunity for audiences to connect with him. Three of his books, each with more than 10 million copies in print, have been put together in a beautifully designed collection: Malcolm Gladwell: Collected.

The collection includes The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. A deluxe box set includes 22 CDs of Gladwell himself narrating each of his three books.

Hearing Gladwell read his own work with his personal emphasis is reason enough to invest in the box-set collection. The beauty of the hardcover volumes (printed in Italy) combined with the illustrations by Brian Rea, make a set worth a collector’s notice.

Gladwell’s books often show wear from being reread and passed around. With this collection, you can now loan your business colleagues your old dog-eared volumes and keep this handsome set for yourself.

Here is an overview of the three books contained in Malcolm Gladwell: Collected.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

If you haven’t read Gladwell’s transforming 2002 classic, it’s not too late — it is still on many best-seller lists and creating news with myriad novel applications.

A tipping point is simply when an idea or trend moves to a certain point, tips, and suddenly spreads rapidly. This applies equally to epidemics, fashion, food or popularity of a new product or celebrity.

The ideas in this book helped change the way people worldwide think about selling, marketing and promoting political, economic and social ideas. It should be required reading for every undergraduate business student.

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