New: Alltech Graduate Training Blog

In November 2012, Alltech launched its Graduate Program, inviting outstanding young leaders to take part in a year-long training program. Out of a pool of more than 1,500 applicants, 21 graduates from around the world were selected through a rigorous evaluation process. Five of those chosen graduates are from Kentucky.

For the next 12 months, each of the five Kentuckians will recount their experiences learning about agribusiness, brewing and distilling, and other Alltech initiatives through a monthly blog exclusive to Business Lexington.

Daniel-GrubbLexington, KY - Usually when someone you don’t know asks for you by your full name on the phone, you expect bad news. When Emer Kelly, manager of the Alltech’s Graduate Program, called me to say I had been accepted into Alltech’s inaugural training program for outstanding graduates, the exact opposite happened – it was probably the best news I’d received in my adult life.

As a chemistry major who graduated from Georgetown College in the spring, I was honored to be one of five Kentuckians selected for the program, which started in November.

The first two weeks of the Graduate Program were a whirlwind of adventure. Along with 20 fellow graduates from around the world, I traveled to in Dunboyne, Ireland, for training at Alltech’s European Headquarters. Guided by instructors and professors from local universities, we spent our time learning about Alltech and the agriculture industry. The classroom sessions were conducted similar to an MBA course and we used case studies from the world’s largest food companies to facilitate our learning process.

In addition to classroom learning, our team focused on the introduction of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale™ to the Irish consumer market. Getting involved in the marketing efforts for the beer first-hand was a great way to understand the business of Alltech. We visited many pubs in Dublin and Dunboyne, set up beer tastings and met with customers face-to-face. We spent three days researching the market to find out how we could maximize this product’s success. As my first experience with market research, this project was a fun way to acquire knowledge while touring Ireland.

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