Put that crystal ball to work with advice for 2013

Whether or not you have made New Year’s resolutions and mapped your personal and business strategy for the coming year, you would be well served to look carefully at trends emerging in the 2013 marketplace.

Among the best expert resources, is Rohit Bhargava’s excellent new book, 15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them.

This information-packed book is a quick read that presents the trends for 2013 in a well-written, concise manner. But unlike other trend sources that the author proposes have “no detail, no proof and no application,” Bhargava’s book covers all the bases.

As professor of global marketing at Georgetown University and the author of two previous best-selling business books, Bhargava combines careful research with practical application. His easy-to-read style makes his resource-packed book a pleasure to read rather than a business chore. He carefully focuses not only on recognizing trends but practical applications on how to profit from them.

Using a simple framework, the book identifies and details each of the top 15 trends for 2013. Starting with a definition of the trend, the author then asks “who should care?” This is followed with examples (with links) of companies that have utilized the trend to their benefit. The author then provides a brief list of ideas to use the trend. Finally, research references are given.

Take for example Trend No. 1, “Shoptimization.” This trend suggests that technology will help optimize shopping for everything from fashion to medicine. Under the “Who Should Care?” section, the author says anyone who sells a physical product will be impacted by this trend in 2013.

The examples include medical prescriptions. As more people around the globe are using prescription medications for a variety of ailments, costs are climbing. Technology will allow purchasers to optimize their shopping and save money.

Shoptimization is being utilized in stores, as well. An example is Macy’s In-Store GPS system. This application allows the customer to locate particular merchandise within the store.

Under “Ideas to Use this Trend,” the author suggests that almost every business, no matter what type, should have a loyalty program. Other ideas include removing all barriers in the shopping process and using a landing page to direct customers with online purchases.

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