Law Firm Makes Pitch for Employees at Job Fair

Photo by, David Cronen, Courtesy of Bingham McCutchen

Lexington, KY - As hundreds of potential job applicants pitched their resumes to Boston-based law firm Bingham McCutchen during its recent job fair, they found the firm pitching its attributes to them. The firm is in the process of staffing its Global Services Center, set to open in Lexington in April.

While department heads gave a brief overview of the scores of jobs currently open, applicants got a taste of what Bingham officials said makes the company an award-winning Best Place to Work.

“Through the smart strategic growth, the firm has been able to offer opportunities to folks, and I think there has been a rising tide that has lifted all of the boats (within the firm) … That’s been inherently motivating to the people we’ve hired and continued to help develop, and you can tell that’s become part of who we are and who we want to attract,” said Bingham’s COO L. Tracee Whitley.

In addition to starting with three or four weeks of vacation, depending on the position, plus 12 paid holidays, the firm offers a bevy of benefits to attract and retain the best employees it can find.

“Whether it be substantive learning within the organization or supporting programs like our tuition reimbursement, conference attendance, advanced degrees — it really helps our folks continue to be invested in the firm. And in turn, we’ve been fortunate to have long-tenured staff because they have lots of opportunities with our organization,” said Lynn Carroll, Bingham’s chief human resources officer.

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