In Address, Gray Says Lexington is Back on Track, Tops 300K Population

Lexington, KY - In his State of the Merged Government Address Mayor Jim Gray was expected to tout the agreement reached by the city and police and fire union leaders to reign in the unfunded liability of the city’s pension system.

“(The deal will) effect our city’s financial future in a significant way,” Gray told members of the media before the address. “Cities and states across the country are struggling with pensions and it has even taken some of them down. Last Friday, we found a solution.”

It is now up to the Kentucky General Assembly to approve of the deal reached by the city and its police and fire unions.

Gray delivered the city’s annual status report before a sold out crowd at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Lexington. The occasion was the annual State of the Merged Government address hosted by the Lexington Forum (

During the speech, Gray announced the city had topped the 300,000 mark for population.

“I have a friend who’s mother refers to Lexington as just an ‘Extry Large Mayberry’ and I say that perhaps we’re rethinking that,” Gray said to media before the speech. “We want to think of ourself affectionately as a town that’s inclusive and neighborly. What we see today is a growing city, Lexington is a very attractive city, it was the fastest growing city in terms of percentages and absolute numbers in the last Census, so thinking and behaving like a mature city is our responsibility.”

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