Gray Shuffles Batting Order With Staff

Lexington, KY - At the midway point in his term as mayor, Jim Gray has made some changes in his staff, adding and shuffling some people.

“What’s true in sports is true in management, you’ve got to play to your strengths,” Gray said in a Wednesday afternoon press conference announcing the return of Geoff Reed, a former aide who worked for Gray at the beginning of the administration before going back to work for his previous boss, Congressman Ben Chandler. Reed returns following Chandler’s defeat in November Rep. Andy Barr, will now serve as the commissioner of general services.

Gray also welcomes into the office former council-member Tom Blues who will serve as an aide. Blues spent three terms on council before deciding not to seek reelection last year.

Some current staff members as commissioners have seen their roles shuffled as Richard Maloney is transitioning away from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and into the role of commissioner of environmental quality and public works.

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