“88 Keys” Campaign Aims to Restore Classic Steinway Grand

Lexington, KY - The classic Steinway Concert Grand piano that has graced the stage of the Lexington Opera house for 37-years is in need of some TLC. To cover the cost of a complete restoration of the piano, whose ivories have been tinkled by the greats, Lexington Center and The Opera House Fund have launched an innovative fundraiser  based on the keyboard of a classic piano.

The “88 Keys” campaign, named for the number of keys on a standard piano, gives donors an opportunity to “purchase” one or more keys toward the overall goal. Each “key” will be assigned a value, depending on location on the register.

The goal, according to Opera House officials, is to raise $26,400 in two months. All donations are tax deductible.  The Lexington Center Corporation will match the funds raised to cover the anticipated $52,800 cost of the restoration.

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