WKU Opens Student Business Accelerator

Bowling Green, KY - Western Kentucky University today opens a 1,200-square-foot Student Business Accelerator designed to give students the opportunity to start a business while they were still in college. Today’s grand opening takes place at 3 p.m. at WKU’s Center for Research and Development.

“Starting a business before you have a family and perhaps mortgage responsibilities makes a lot of sense for many people,” said Doug Rohrer, Associate Vice President for Research and Economic Development. “We are here to help students succeed with their ventures, but most of all, give them an opportunity to learn from this experience.”

“Faced with increasing overseas competition the United States can only maintain our pre-eminent position by becoming increasingly innovative,” said Dr. Gordon C. Baylis, Vice President of Research and President of the WKU Research Foundation. “The Student Business Accelerator fits naturally into the rich tradition of WKU preparing our students for a world where the only constant is change.”

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