Teen Entrepreneurs: Kentucky teen is cleaning up with soap business

Boyd County Middle School eighth grader and owner of Joe’s Bars and Suds, Joe Bremer. PHOTO BY EMILY MOSELEY

Joe Bremer is not your typical eighth grader. When he is not attending Boyle County Middle School, he operates a goats’ milk and glycerin soap business in Boyle County called Joe’s Bars and Suds, LLC, and he has his sights set on expanding into the Lexington market.

A few years ago, after a visit to a store specializing in hand-crafted soaps in Tarpon Springs, Fla., Bremer was intrigued. He challenged his mother, saying, “If they can do it, we can do it.” That was when Bremer first conceived the idea of learning how to make goats’ milk soap.

While living outside of Chicago at the time, he researched soap recipes on the Internet, read books and watched YouTube videos to create his own recipes and methods.

“It got better, but wasn’t perfect,” he said of his soap-making skill, “but I kept working at it.” He also pleaded for a goat, but the Chicago suburbs were not receptive to animal husbandry.

His family moved to Danville about two years ago and finally had enough land for goats. Although he raises and shows goats, he buys his goat milk for the soaps from Krieers Farm in Perryville.

“Milking goats is complicated,” he said. His soap-making method uses goats’ milk and olive oil as the main ingredients, and he uses the family kitchen to create his products.

As he perfected his soap-making skills and recipes, he wanted to begin marketing and selling his soaps. As the demand grew, he and his family decided he needed to formalize his company. He and his mother, Jackie Bremer, registered Joe’s Bars & Suds, LLC, earlier this year with the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes said she enjoyed meeting Bremer and his mother and helping them through the registration process.

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