St. Joseph Hospital East invests in the healing power of local art

At top, Dr. Don Goodin and Dr. Jessica Moss of the St. Joseph East cancer center stand in front of Spring Cleaning, a work by artist Darrell Ishmael.

Several hospitals in the Bluegrass are embracing the healing power of art and are integrating beautiful, soothing artwork created by local gifted and talented artists into their interiors.

Recently at St. Joseph Hospital East, newly installed art is bringing health and healing to a lot of patients. Dr. Don Goodin, an oncologist at the hospital, encouraged it to try this healing-arts approach in a big way and found great support for the idea.

“St. Joseph’s has always placed a high priority on art throughout the hospital,” said Diane Boyer, director of major gifts for the St. Joseph Foundation. “Dr. Goodin came with a lot of fresh ideas on how we could add art to our health care mission.”

Boyer described the process of selecting and purchasing the art, which is funded through private donations, as intense.

“We wanted everything to be just right with color, subject matter and placement,” Boyer said.

They put out a call for artists through LexArts. Boyer credited Nathan Zamarron, LexArts community arts manager, for bringing “governance and guidance” to the process and aiding in what could have been an overwhelming task.

“We asked the artists to submit things that would be calming and contemplative,” Boyer added.

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