UK offers investors marketplace of ideas

Lexington, KY – Two existing and six hopeful research spinoff companies were on the agenda when the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and UK’s Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship recently hosted an afternoon of presentations to potential investors. Their audience was the board of directors of Allylix, the UK research spinoff that had earlier that day announced an expansion in Lexington that will add 14 full-time jobs to the market.

Allylix is a renewable chemicals company that develops products for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, cosmetic chemicals, insect repellent and biofuel markets

Presenters ranged from the high speed 3D measurement firm Seikowave and Solidagex, a company that derives speciality ingredients from the goldenrod found so abundantly across Kentucky, to promising ventures in on-farm biofuels production, “smart” cattle eartags, genetically modified alfalfa, starch modifying enzymes, equine infectious diseases and MosquitoMate, a venture derived from entomology research in a method of eradicating the pesky insects that eliminates the need to spray properties with toxic chemicals.

“I loved the mosguito control idea,” said Allylix board member Tom Jameson, founder of the Lexington-based industrial storage solutions firm Shelf Plus and a board member of Bluegrass Angel Venture Funds. “There seemed to be an easy path to commercialization. And great economic benefit.”

Jameson said he found the event very useful in his search for investment prospects that meet his criteria. “I am looking for IP that can offer a true competitive advantage or game changing technology that can be scaled to $200 million in sales or greater. I also prefer IP that does not require government regulatory approval, such as the FDA.”

Each presenter was given 15 minutes to offer details of their concepts in hopes of receiving useful feedback and perhaps investment interest.

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