Victorian Square reacquired by Webbs and Cinci firm

Jeffrey R. Anderson, the founder and managing principal of the Company stated that “We have always admired and loved downtown Lexington and when we were approached about this opportunity, we jumped at it.    Not only does this project have unlimited potential, but the rest of the downtown does also.  The thing that impressed me most about the City is that Mayor Gray, the LFUCG Council and the private sector have all committed to making the downtown a showcase and they are flat-out making it happen. This is why we are so excited about becoming a part of it,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s immediate focus will be on achieving the right eclectic mix of existing tenants as well as new national and locally-owned restaurants and entertainment facilities.  They are already in discussions with operators who will see Lexington’s hotel base, office population, Rupp Arena, and proximity to the University of Kentucky as a great opportunity.

“Our goal is to make this block a place to see and be seen, whether you live within 50 miles of Lexington or are travelling to visit one of the Lexington area’s great attractions,” said Mark Fallon, Vice President of Real Estate for Anderson.  “Victorian Square redeveloped and leased correctly will serve to be a traffic generator that will help to get visitors to the area, want to stay in Lexington an extra day or two, as well as provide a central meeting and social gathering place for residents of the entire Kentucky Bluegrass Region.”  As to the timing of all of this, Mr. Fallon indicated that “Within a year or so, you won’t believe your eyes.    We think the changes will be that dramatic and the results that exciting.”

Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc., of Cincinnati, Ohio is an award-winning developer of Mixed Use, Urban Redevelopment and Lifestyle Centers throughout the Midwest.  A pioneer in the Lifestyle Center format since the late 1990’s, Anderson is responsible for nearly eight (8) million square feet of retail development. Examples of Anderson projects can be found at

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