New player on the restaurant scene: Coles 735 Main

Coles 735 Main executive chef and owner Cole Arimes.
photo by: Robbie Clark.

Lexington, KY – Like many restaurateurs, Cole Arimes’ affinity for food started early and in the family.

Arimes was born and raised in Lexington. His grandfather owned and operated a neighborhood food market called Arimes Market, then located on the corner of Cramer and Walton. It was a market with a variety of foods, and one of Arimes’ earliest food memories is of plucking olives from the store olive bucket.

On countless occasions during his youth, he road his bicycle through or by the parking lot at nearby 735 E. Main St.

After graduating from Sayre School, Arimes attended Centre College and got a taste of food service while working at the Second Story Cafe on the Centre campus. Subsequently, he worked at the Joseph Beth Cafe when it originally opened at the Lexington Green Bookstore. When Joseph Beth opened in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was offered a position there, which he accepted, continuing a ground-up education in foodservice.

After a period with Joseph Beth, he joined the Don Pablo’s organization and continued his hands-on culinary education. From there, Arimes secured a position with Chester’s Roadhouse, which was a high-end steakhouse and part of the Maisonette Group in Cincinnati.

Arimes had spent much of his career in the front of the house (service) but had a burning desire to learn the cooking/kitchen aspect. At Chester’s, he worked the saute station and other positions, learning all that he could absorb. While there, he worked with some great chefs, methodically honing his craft.

After five years at Chester’s, Arimes went to work for the Kenwood Bistro Group (KBG) and their upscale casual concept Trio. After a few years, the Kenwood Bistro Group opened Embers, an upscale steak, seafood and sushi restaurant. Arimes moved from Trio to Embers and became its executive chef. Between Trio and Embers, he worked for KBG a total of 12 years.

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