Lexington vegetable-juice business brings healthy options to your door

Lexington, KY – Kimmye Bohannon was looking for a health boost, but it didn’t take long for her to recognize a new business opportunity.

Bohannon, who had become familiar with the benefits of drinking vegetable juice at trendy juice bars in New York, wanted to add the healthful beverages to her daily regimen. Squeezing the nutrients out of fresh veggies such as kale, carrots and beets can be a labor-intensive process, and she began last fall by pooling her efforts with a neighbor. Soon more friends were asking if they could share in the fruits of her labor, and within months, what began with a few friends had grown to a customer base of 100 weekly subscribers for her fast-growing Lexington business, The Weekly Juicery.

Bohannon, who most recently has worked as a private consultant after spending 14 years working in financial management with JPMorgan, got the idea for her juice-delivery business after reading an article in a yoga magazine about a soup-delivery business in Vermont. To share the health benefits of her vegetable juices, Bohannon decided she would make it convenient by signing customers up by the week and delivering her drinks right to their doorsteps.

“People really are looking for an easy way to be healthy and make healthy choices,” Bohannon said. “If you just do it one time, you don’t really get the benefit of juicing.”

The response has been greater than Bohannon expected. For $35 per week, customers receive a morning delivery of glass bottles filled with 16 ounces of fresh and mostly organic vegetable juice for four days, from Monday through Thursday. The company’s local delivery zone includes both homes and businesses in downtown Lexington, along with the Chevy Chase and Ashland Park neighborhoods and parts of the University of Kentucky’s campus.

“It’s sort of like the milkman of days gone by,” Bohannon said. “Delivery is a lost art in business. It’s tricky to make work, and a lot of people have abandoned it, but our customers really appreciate the service.”

The selection is the same every week. Monday brings a green lemonade made from a head of romaine lettuce, 12 stalks of kale, cucumber, lemon and ginger. Tuesday’s sweet beet punch is extracted from fresh beets, half a head of romaine and a pound of carrots, among other ingredients. On Wednesday, clients can choose from a spicy carrot cider or Bohannon’s carrot juice with a twist, both of which are made from roughly three pounds of carrots. Thursday’s cool kale energy drink wraps up the week with more kale, cucumber, beets and ginger.

Bohannon stays connected to her customers through an online blog. She also sends regular emails to her clients with information on the health benefits of their drinks, including a tally of the vegetables that went into the making of their beverages.

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