Local tech start-up making waves in ambient music service

Lexington, KY – A local technology start-up company is slowly but surely making waves in the ambient music service sector for restaurants, retailers and other venues. MAX Music Service, Inc. (www.maxmusicservice.com) provides custom background music for your restaurant or business. It has both a national and international presence. However, while this start-up company is young, its genesis traces back to a business relationship and friendship.

In the late 1980s, Stan Warr and Chris Dengler knew each other from working together in the restaurant and hospitality industry on the West Coast. They both were involved in the nightclub business, and Dengler worked as a music DJ. Dengler went on to work as an engineer for Microsoft and Warr advanced through the ranks of the foodservice industry, with his most recent stint as senior vice president of operations for Lexington-based Applebee’s franchisee organization Thomas and King, Inc., which is the nation’s eighth largest franchisee organization.

Approximately two to three years ago, Dengler, the company’s founder and president, conceptualized the idea for this start-up company and began working on it in Phoenix, Ariz. Earlier this year, he named Warr the chief executive officer, with the plan for the company’s primary operations to be based in Lexington. Jason Fackler was named chief financial officer to round out the Lexington team, and Brian Cowardin heads up the sales effort from Phoenix. As the company grows, its presence in Lexington will grow.

The core business of the company is to provide ambient music to restaurants and other business locations. However, while the companies that dominate this enormous industry distribute their music product through satellite technology, MAX Music Service does it through the Internet. The key to their system is proprietary software that is downloaded to a restaurant’s office computer. Their product, or service, is attractive in many ways:

1. It allows customers to bring the exact music to their venue and do it when they want it. The music preferences can be changed automatically throughout the day. Additionally, the volume of the music can be set to change at specified times. This frees up management to focus on the core business. If it is a restaurant chain, a client can initiate one change that can affect all stores in their system.

2. There are no setup fees.

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